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JBS is a provider of high quality technical writing services. We help companies with all their technical writing needs so they can focus on their development and be sure of a complete, professional product with world class documentation.
Our clients and areas of expertise include: cybersecurity, networking, telecommunications, storage, digital video, and much more. Using JBS as partners at all stages of the product life cycle – from customer requirements through product description and manuals – of all kinds- to APIs and SDKs and beyond!

  • Helping save your engineers’ time: Every JBS writer is part engineer
  • Understanding your customers’ needs: JBS’s experienced hi-tech professionals know how to identify and create the content your customers and partners really need
  • Do no harm, do some good!  –You need a GREAT Technical Writer… because a mediocre (or worse) tech writer can do more harm than good

Our customers benefit from our comprehensive subject matter knowledge and domain expertise, senior technical writing supervision, broad hi-tech experience and team philosophy. Satisfaction guaranteed or we replace. Together we can make your product shine. Ready to go global!



Since 2008 JBS has evolved into a market leader in technical writing in Israel. Our secret is our people – good, professional, serious technical writers, backed by seasoned hi-tech professionals with years of experience in Documentation Management, Product Management, Project Management, Development and QA.

We help our clients in 2 ways:
Outsourcing – full-time/part-time, dedicated technical writers, on your premises, supervised by senior JBS staff;

Projects – short-term, limited scope projects for when you need technical depth (not just excellent writing and formatting) backed by a team’s that’s there when you need them;
Our technical writing teams are there to serve you. We develop our people’s skills. We work as a team. We join you and become part of your team. Our customers enjoy our team spirit and collaboration.


Technical Writing requires strong skills in organizing information, writing and presentation, but more important is the ability to quickly come up to speed on your technology. Every JBS technical writer brings a rich background in technologies to your project. Whether it is experience in your exact area (for example, wireless communications), knowledge of infrastructure technologies (such as OSs, monitoring systems or networking) or a background as a programmer or engineer, JBS technical writers offer more!

So, we are half-engineer and half communications specialist. We add value by:

  • Understanding your products in-depth
  • Becoming familiar with real-life user scenarios
  • Having experience with the kind of issues that arise during operational scenarios, so we can clarify them in the documents

For example, when asked to produce a MIB specification or an API we interview product experts to find out the typical scenarios users of the document may need to support. In addition to a clear reference manual we always recommend including a section of Examples and Typical Scenarios with an API, MIB or SDK. And, of course, for any User or Installation manual we produce, we work with the application or actually perform the installation to learn the flow from the user’s perspective.

Our experienced team of project managers and technical writers has a deep understanding of technology across a broad cross-section of infrastructures and applications. This enables us to advise our clients regarding the best way to  meet their technical writing goals and advise them on what is really required to deliver a successful project.


JBS was founded by Eli Jacobs in 2008. Before starting JBS, Eli worked at NDS Technologies for 12 years in positions including Documentation Manager, Project Manager and Product Marketing Manager. NDS is known for its high documentation standards and this is the legacy that Eli has brought to JBS Technical Communication Services. His varied experience at NDS enables JBS to offer a broad range of multi-disciplinary services.


JBS prides itself on the deep technical knowledge of its core team of technical and marketing writers. JBS’s team includes professionals with experience in technical and marketing writing, software development, system architecture, system engineering, project management and more.
Our writers and dedicated project managers have years of experience with all types of technical, marketing and business documentation, primarily for Israeli high tech companies.




    As a born communicator, Eli is known for his ability to tackle complex topics and make them clear in writing, presentations, training material and marketing collateral.
    Well known for his dynamic lecturing, Eli holds a Master’s of Science from Johns Hopkins University and patents in the fields of digital TV and data structure methodologies.
    During his 12 year tenure at NDS Technologies (Cisco) he served as Documentation Manager, Project Manager and Product Marketing Manager. While at NDS Eli pioneered the company’s interactive TV product in both technical and marketing roles.




    Yossi’s technical writing career covers a wide range of exciting technologies, such as secure microchips, 3D printers, cyber-security, and big-data. Yossi manages multiple projects, mentors junior writers, and produces top-quality documentation.
    Skilled in MadCap Flare and CSS, and with an eye for design, Yossi leads the JBS single-sourcing effort to bring high-end, responsive, web-based Help systems to customers in a number of technology areas.
    A quick learner and a natural people-person, Yossi has a knack for making the documentation process easy and seamless – from the first meeting to delivery. 



    Dave comes to JBS with 25 years of hi-tech experience, working with companies ranging in size from global conglomerates to recently launched startups. He enjoys providing the communicative link between people, ideas, and technology. An accomplished thought partner, Dave places focused listening at the center of communication.

    A Knowledge Sharing enthusiast and practitioner, Dave likes simplifying functional, organizational and technical processes by taking in the big picture, drilling down into the small details, and putting it all back together in ways that empower readers and end-users, make teams smarter, and help people do their jobs better.




    Naomi’s career in technology began when she spent 4 years serving in an elite IDF Intelligence unit. After that Naomi earned a B.Sc. with honors in Mathematics and Computer Sciences. Following 20 years of software engineering as a developer and group leader (at Comverse and ClearForest), Naomi switched to documentation and special project management. JBS clients have been especially pleased with Naomi’s work on complex APIs and SDKs.
    In addition, Naomi leads JBS’s team of special-project managers providing outsourced management of software development, requirements and systems analysis and QA processes.

    When you work with JBS, whether on a Project or Outsourcing basis you get much more than the individual technical writer assigned to your company. You get the entire JBS team with its broad range of experience, skills and knowledge.

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