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Our high-quality technical writer works full-time/part-time on an ongoing basis on-premises at your company, under supervision by senior JBS staff


As an HR, R&D or Documentation manager, you know how hard it is to find the right technical writer to match your company’s on-going writing needs. You talk to many English-speaking people, and examine what they write, but how do you know if they’re true professionals… It’s frustrating to hire the wrong person when you discover they just don’t have the strengths needed to grasp your technology or work with your developers… And now you’re pressed and on a deadline…. You’re looking for a trusted partner who specializes in professional technical writing excellence and quality — a team that makes sure you always have a good writer when you need one and help with your high level documentation workflow and process — so why not try JBS…


JBS provides a full-service technical writing resource to find the right technical writer for your needs. Our team is made up of technical writers from the trenches – all with prior hi-tech experience and know-how so we quickly understand your needs and goals. Once we understand your needs, we find the writers who can meet them… Leave the worries to us and you’ll be on the way! It’s that simple:

  • Who is the best match for you?
  • How to interview?
  • How to choose the right candidate?
  • Add another person? Or, replace seamlessly with minimal downtime? (always have a writer and flexibility)
  • Want the option to hire the technical writer as a salaried employee in the future? We have a provision for this!
  • How to juggle? Our Project manager works behind the scenes to ensure continuity!

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JBS isn’t just any employment agency. We blend our technical writing expertise with our in-depth knowledge of how to choose the right technical writers for a job to benefit your company. Our years of technical writing experience with many satisfied clients makes your job of finding the right resource much easier. With JBS, you get added value services by our team alongside your on-site technical writer – just like JBS provides in our projects. So you not only benefit from the on-site writer, you’re bolstered by our team including a Senior Project Manager for enhanced services. What type of added value can your company get from the JBS team?

  • Does your team want project management for needs assessment, implementation planning and tracking?
  • How about another experienced person in the loop for workflow consultations?
  • Need editing, document review and quality assurance?
  • If for any reason you require an on-site replacement or supplement, our senior project managers can step in to fill the gap

We would love to become your trusted partners to ensure you have the best writers that are part of your team! If you want quality, transparency in pricing and great technical writing and hi-tech management in one place, it’s worthwhile to see how JBS’s outsourcing services can support you. We’d be happy to meet for a cup of coffee and a chat. No commitment or obligation.


As an R&D, Product or Program manager, you know that your product isn’t complete without the right documentation. However, you don’t always have the staff available, the documentation experience or the bandwidth to make it happen. You’re looking for a way to leverage a professional team for a mission that sounds almost impossible — a team that will get to know your technology quickly, explain it more clearly than your engineers can, fill the short-term gaps and be available on an ongoing basis, when needed — but you’re not sure if it’ll be more of a headache than it’s worth…


JBS provides an efficient documentation solution for those scenarios when it’s not right to bring in a full-time technical writer. And before assigning a writer, one of our highly-experienced project managers works with you to assess and plan the work. Before starting the work we will ask hard questions in order to make sure that our work will achieve its goal and solve the actual challenge you are facing.


  • What content is needed and why?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What is the  best timing for the documentation?
  • Does the knowledge already exist within your organization?
  • Who are the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) that will work with us and how available are they?
  • What other resources are available?

Our project assessment enables instituting an approach to the documentation that ensures risk identification up-front, determines workflow by time constraints and ensures delivery of a high quality, professional product on-time.  After understanding your needs and planning, we initiate the right project team for you.

Our staff brings the technical depth and expertise to get up to speed quickly, plus we’re available after the project ends for updates, during stress/peak times, or whenever you need us.

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