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UPDATE – September, 2021

Like much of the technical writing market in Israel today, JBS is undergoing a growth spurt.

We have begun or will soon be starting work with a range of exciting tech companies, large and small (from global corporations with 80,000 employees to tiny, but promising startups), and across a range of innovative technologies – cybersecurity, automotive, AI, privacy, medical, robotics and more.

JBS is always looking for technical writers for a range of exciting projects across many diverse fields and with a range of levels of experience required.

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Technologies we are working on include: data security, medical devices, military/defense systems, embedded devices, Internet of Things, automotive Systems, iOS/Android APIs and web services and more; software and hardware.
Experience levels needed: from beginner to very experienced; from motivated user to coding expertise for writing APIs and gathering input by reading code.

  • Scope of work: projects range from a few dozen to hundreds of hours; from short-term to ongoing
  • Languages: mostly English but some work in Hebrew
  • Locations: mostly in the center of the country with a lot of work from home
  • All positions require:
    • Technically savvy and curious about technology
    • Outstanding communication skills
    • Great interpersonal skills
    • Sense of humor
    • Willingness to learn new things, people, environments

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