Precyse Technologies

JBS Technical Writing worked with us over several months to develop high-quality documentation for our highly complex asset tracking and management system. Their team of 5 produced a total of about 400 pages, spanning these document types:

  • Admin and User Guides
  • Hardware and Software Installation Guides
  • Configuration Guides
  • Process Documents: Change and Support Procedures

JBS needed to master not only general software and system architecture concepts, but also the details of our proprietary hardware/firmware components, and the accompanying GPS and radio technologies. In order to achieve this understanding, JBS personnel installed, configured and worked with a compact version of our system at their own site.

The JBS team was meticulous about understanding the many details of our system, and they produced excellent documentation in a pleasant, professional and timely manner. I would be happy to work with them again, and would recommend them to others seeking high-quality documentation services.

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